About Julie
On the personal side....
I am the proud Grammy of Dyllan and Colton.  Dyllan is 3 years old (as of December
2010) and Colton surprised us by arriving 3 months early in November of the same
year.  He weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz and is doing well.

During the day, I have a daycare business (
www.doodlebugdaycarevt.com) that
keeps me busy and happy contributing to the life of little people that include my
grandchildren.  I finally feel between my art and  these little ones, I am giving
something back in life.  
Meet Julie
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My absolute favorite Decorative Painting teacher - Cheri Rol.  Her work takes my breath away.  
Visit her site at www.cherirol.com.  She is one of the best teachers I have ever studied with and
hope to take a class at her home studio one day.
New England Traditions in Rhode Island
Priscilla Hauser founded the Society of Decorative Painters.  Also is my traveling
friend and fellow teacher
Jan Aldrich.
Painting Convention in Las Vegas
Brenda Harris, Jamie Mills Price and Dorothy Dent.  What a thrill to
paint with all of these teachers!  Gambling wasn't for me!  I wanted to
spend my money on the trade floor.
Laurie Speltz at the New England Traditions
Convention in Rhode Island
Maureen McNaughton, the queen of Stroke
painting.  Her designs are beautiful.  Visit her
at www.maureenmcnaughton.com
Helan Barrick - the creator of old world
children designs she named  
Whippersnappers.  She is a beautiful, gifted
teacher with a beautiful heart.  
Slava, a Russian Zhostovo painter.  He didn't
speak English and had the shop owner
interpret for him as he taught.  His paintings
are spectacular.
As a member of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1987, Past President of Green Mountain Decorative Painters and past  Newsletter Editor of
Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter, I have studied with many famous artists and acquired skills and a style that is unique to my own personality.

I have studied with the intention of sharing my love of art. There is nothing more gratifying than teaching someone to discover that they can paint and
create something wonderful.

"The beauty I create with my hands is only a reflection of the secrets I hold within my heart." That is a quote I made up long ago when I started
painting. While I wasn't sure all that it meant then, I know now. I hope you can identify with its meaning as well. I look forward to sharing with you and
encourage you to live art every day.
Studies in Painting
I discovered Decorative Painting in 1987 and have never looked back.  I have
studied with many wonderful teachers and ended up studying with Valerie
Stewart to fulfill my life long dream of painting portraits which you can see on this
site.  I am fairly new at it and so enjoy being the student whenever I have the
opportunity.  The following are pictures of teachers i have studied with.
Sherry Nelson, the queen of birds.  I went to
Illinois to study with her.
Mary Jo Leisure
Gail Anderson
Debbie Cole
Valerie Stewart and I at Black
Brook Artworks in Ausable
Forks, NY.  Check out my
portrait page to see all the
portraits I have painted with
Val's guidance.  She is quite an
Arlene Beck at New England Traditions