Portrait Gallery
Portrait Gallery
These are two girls I don't
know taken from pictures I
found.  The teacher said
that it's easier to
concentrate on technique,
rather than likeness,
when you paint people
you don't know.  So I
chose these beautiful
girls since they were not
looking straight on and
the texture of their
dresses was something
completely new to learn.   
What a joy these two were!
This little cowboy was
another of someone I
didn't know.  I loved how
the light was hitting his
face from the window and
enjoyed painting the
Beautiful Nicole

This is a painting of my
daughter on her wedding
day.  It was the very first
portrait I painted and one I
dreamed of doing for 30
years.  A dream come true!

This is a painting of my
mother.  She had passed
a few years before I
painted this so I chose to
have the rays of light
coming down on her.  She
would be pleased...
Fairytale Dyllan

This is another painting of
my grand daughter at her
first Christmas.  Her
dress was red in the
original picture.  It was fun
to turn it into a fantasy
What a thrill to paint portraits of loved ones!  These are the portraits that I have
painted of friends, family and some I don't know.  It's a wonderful experience as the
portraits come alive.   And it has been a life long dream to paint portraits.  I am so
thankful to God for this gift that I can share with others.
It doesn't get more exciting than this!
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This is a portrait of
some friends of mine
on their wedding day,
Neil and Donna.  It was
my first commission
piece.  I was thrilled to
have the privilege of
painting this for their
first anniversary.
Beautiful Dyllan.  This is
the second portrait I
painted and it's of my
grand daughter!  She
posed so perfectly.
This is a portrait of my best
friend, Amanda's children,
Juliet and Regis.  
Beautiful angels
that make me think
of my
My daughter Nicole, and
grandson, Colton
Thoughtful Friends
My granddaughter, Dyllan
A beautiful Fairy
Angel on the Moon
Sweet Aden
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