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Class Testimonials:

"Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the November class. Thank you so much for the time you
spent with me and the other students." ~ Pam

"This is just a small reminder of how badly I want to learn more. Maybe I'm being selfish!!!" ~ Debi

"I'm very comfortable with your technique/style as a teacher and want to learn more." ~ Debi


"Julie, I have not had this much fun in a class ever before. My sister and I are getting even closer, too. She
loves painting with me. It doesn't have to be a special project. We just want you for a teacher. Sis and I
want to suck the Artist ways out of you." ~ Debi

"Can't wait to continue to paint. I have to do the blueberry bowl soon. That picture touched a part of my heart
and I have to do it. I wish I could explain." ~ Debi

"Julie, I have insomnia .... it's 1:35 am and I just took a sleep-aid to get to sleep. I'm on such a HIGH after
class tonight that I can't sleep. The reason, you ask? Because of a super artist like yourself that has
way-more-than-beautiful work out there. I was in a daze on the way home. You again have put a whirlwind
of colors into me. I truly can't Thank You enough for starting the fire of painting in me to come out at last. I
just wish I never left painting for the 5 years. I only dreamed of painting again." ~ Debi

"I am so excited about the classes and can't wait for the next one. Already I've learned a couple of things I
had forgotten and I'm sure you'll teach me more new and old things. I am definitely interested in the
drawing class. If this year gets any better, I may not be able to survive it." ~ Janet

"I'm having so much fun with this class!!!" ~ Dayle

"My big news.... My granddaughter painted a rose bud!!!!!!!! We both screeched with delight - is that part of
one-stroke painting??? Julie, you have no idea what you have given me with your class. Thank you so
much." ~ Dayle

"I love these classes. I'm hooked. I'm so glad you are part of my life!" ~

Website Testimonials:

"I have been surfing your web sight: It's great and I'll be looking forward to learning more techniques. I saw
great things and I'm getting excited to go forward." ~ Debi

"Great website! Hope to see more of it in the future. I'll be in touch! Thank you." ~ Carmen

"I checked out your web site: VERY nice!! I like the 'reflection of the heart' quote." ~ Irene