What You Should Know...
Class Expections and Guidelines
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I am excited to share my love of art with you and hope you grow and learn from each lesson.
I promise to pass on my knowledge and skills that I have learned over the past 27 years.  
Please know that if you have the will to learn, you will.  If you look at art in any form and have
a wish to be able to do that, you can learn.  You will learn.  It will take patience and won’t
look like mine or any other instructor’s until you put in your due diligence.  You will be
rewarded for your efforts many times over.  Each project is a learning opportunity and you
will evolve as you continue to learn and grow through your experiences.  I am blessed to
have you here.

I would like to share the following information and expectations with you about the classes
here at McCarty Creations. It is my goal to make this a rewarding experience for all of us.

General Supplies:
Students are expected to bring the following general supplies to each class*:

- brushes                        - stylus                                            - basecoat colors/stains
- sealer                            - varnish/spray or brush on        - transfer paper
- tracing paper                - ruler                                                

*These supplies will be available for purchase at class.

Tole Painting and One Stroke Painting:
Paints will be provided at no cost for each class. Background colors, sealers, varnishes,
sprays, special effects will be charged for if you do not bring your own.  Also any
enhancements such as ribbon, buttons, etc. can be purchased if you want the same ones I

Oil Painting Classes:
Paints will be provided for a minimal palette fee depending on the size of the project.

Patterns will be charged at $.10 per black and white page, $1.00 per color page and $.25
per sheet protector.  I will provide your pattern drawing on vellum for the noted prices plus $.
20 per page of vellum at your request.

Drawing Classes:
All supplies will be available for purchase at class. Certain supplies will be required.
Instructor will provide free lesson/practice sheets.

Class Fees:
Group Rates:
$60.00 (4 weeks, 2-Hour Sessions) 6+ students
$80.00 (4 weeks, 2-Hour Sessions) 2-5 students

NOTE: Completion of projects is not guaranteed within time frame of 4 class sessions.

Group Class Hours:
Monday evenings - 6:00 - 8:30 pm or Wednesday mornings – 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Private Lessons:
Prepaid:  $200.00  4 weeks, 2-Hour Sessions.
(Make up classes must be made within the month you are paying for.  If not, missed
classes will be forfeited.)
Hit and Miss:  $80.00 per 2-Hour Session. (
(This means you won’t be obligated to a weekly attendance.  I would appreciate 24 hour

Make Up Classes:
•        All class fees are non-refundable unless instructor cancels class.
•        Make up classes must be made up within the 4-week session the student is signed      
up for.
•        24-hour notice is required for canceling class or student will forfeit the class. Extreme
circumstances (i.e. Death in family, car accident) can be negotiated with instructor for future
•        NO SHOWS are not eligible for make-up classes.
•        Missed classes on the last class of the month, with notice, will be allowed only the
following week for the make-up class opportunity.
•        If more than one class is being held per week, one of the other already established
classes are your make up option times.  A private/semi-private lesson will not be provided
for as a make-up class.

Please do not ask to take supplies out of the classroom if they have not been paid for.
Please come prepared to pay for class fees at the beginning of the four-week session and
pay for supplies as you get them. If you wish to have wood-surfaces for the upcoming class,
prepayment which will be nonrefundable will be required before wood is ordered, otherwise
students will need to bring their own surface or buy from the stock here at the studio.